What is hypertension?

Hypertension is a level of blood pressure that when lowered by drugs predicts benefits.

Normal BP

Systolic Blood pressure < 120mm of Hg & Diastolic Blood pressure <80mm of Hg

Elevated BP

Systolic Blood pressure 120-129mm of Hg & Diastolic Blood pressure <80mm of Hg

Hypertension Stage-1

Systolic Blood pressure 130-139mm of Hg & Diastolic Blood pressure 80-89mm of Hg

Hypertension Stage-2

Systolic Blood pressure >140mm of hg & Diastolic Blood pressure >90mm of hg

Joint National committee (JNC) Classification

Nephrologist ?

Causes of Hypertension

1. Essential - no cause
2. Secondary Hypertension – can be due to associated disease

a. Kidney Disease
b. Renovascular disease
c. Thyroid disease
d. Pheochromo cytoma
e. Primary aldostermism
f. Drug related
g. Cushings syndrome

Complications of untreated Hypertension

1. Heart attack
2. Angina
3. Brain stroke
4. Dementia
5. Target organ damage
6. Retinal Bleeding
Nephrologist ?

When to see Nephrologist ?

1. Once high Bp detected
2. Hypertension in young person
3. Associated Kidney disease
1. Medical management
2. In few secondary form of hypertension surgery may be required.