Chronic Kidney Disease

What is CKD

It is the term used to describe a gradual reduction in kidney function which is measured in GFR over the span of weeks to years

Risk Factors
How to diagnose
Treatment of CKD
1. Swelling of legs, feet and face
2. Tired feeling
3. Loss of appetite, Vomiting
4. Breathing difficulty
5. Detection of high blood pressure.
6. Itching and dry skin
Risk Factors
1. Patients with diabetes
2. Patients with high blood pressure
3. Recurrent urine infection
4. Chronic use of pain killers
5. Obese patients
6. Patients with family history kidney disease
7. Patients with kidney stones
How to diagnose
1. It is diagnosed by calculating GFR
2. Urine examination
3. Ultra sound scan of kidneys
4. Kidney biopsy
Treatment of CKD
The Treatment of CKD depends on the stage of CKD it includes various medications, Dietary modification, life-style changes and in advanced cases, Dialysis & Kidney Transplantation.